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ISO 50 001 Handbook

worth R1500

The WWISE Team have created a handbook in accordance to the ISO 50 001 standard to assist and guide organisations on how to implement an effective Energy Management System with the primary focus on reducing energy consumption. This book consists of case studies on companies that have implemented ISO 50 001 and the benefits of changing various significant energy uses. It also includes an audit questionnaire to assist in auditing the ISO 50 001 standard.

Quality Costing Video

worth R1500

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirement Standard has seven principles as opposed to the older version ISO 9001:2008 which has eight principles. WWISE has taken three factual case studies using NASA, Toyota and BP and how the cost of poor quality has impacted these organisations, resulting in substantial environmental damage and a loss of life or billions of dollars. The video showcases the importance of following the seven ISO principles with a clear emphasis on preventive action (process-risk based) as opposed to corrective action. This will enhance your thinking of cost in regards to quality.

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