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    We’ve made our processes as easy as possible to follow so you gain access to the material you need. Below are a few steps and basic FAQ questions on how to start learning.

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    Select the course or template  you wish to purchase

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    Frequently asked questions



    What is WWISE e-Learning?

    WWISE eLearning is a unique way for our delegates to understand the requirements of various ISO standards and educate themselves on Awareness, Internal Auditing, Implementation and Maintenance of Various ISO Management Systems.

    We have created this platform with the purpose of delegates wanting to attend training in the leisure of their own environment and time. We have made the courses affordable and allowing you to manage your time efficiently.

    How is it different from other eLearning Platforms?

    Our eLearning platform has tried to create an imaginative understanding of the complex text that is used in ISO standards. We have tried to use animation, practical examples to allow each delegate a unique, fun and vibrant experience when learning about ISO.

    We have pre-assessments, to test your understanding of a standard prior to engaging with the course, with a final summative assessment that allows you a certification of completion.

    Our ISO Auditors have over 10 years’ experience in different industries who have facilitated the courses for you. We also have discussion panels to assist in any queries.

    Will I be certified after completing the course?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Competence after each course that is completed. However, the courses cannot guarantee your organisation certification as the means of implementing and understanding the ISO standards is subject to your interpretation against the auditors.

    The user that submits their details on the application form prior to engaging in the courses will be the information the final certificate.

    Course Guide

    How do I know which course to take?

    If you have very little or no understanding of the ISO standards, we suggest you start with the basic Awareness Course and work your way through the different level of courses, from Level 1 to Level 5.

    You are not forced to start at Level 1, based on your experience of how much you understand ISO, we recommend you choose the courses accordingly.

    • Level 1 Courses are Awareness Courses
    • Level 2 Courses are either Transition or Subject Specific Overview Courses
    • Level 3 Courses are Technical Course related to Statistics and understanding various tools.
    • Level 4 Courses are Internal Auditing Courses (First/Internal and Second/Supplier Party Auditing)
    • Level 5 Courses are detailed Implementation courses with templates to assist in Implementation.

    How do I sign up?

    We have an end to end video that explains how to choose the various courses on your shopping cart, pay via our payment gateway and receive log in details with a password for you to commence your course. The details that the user submits on the application form prior to engaging in the courses will be the information on the final certificate.

    If you have a user account, please click on the Login tab and you can get started.

    How much time do I need to complete the course?

    Each course has a cumulative time allocation on the e-learning videos under the course outlines. We however keep your license valid for 1 year to complete the course under your name and identification/passport number.

    The details that the user submits on the application form prior to engaging in the courses will be the information on the final certificate.

    Billing and payments

    What payment methods can I use?

    Payment methods are either through your VISA or MASTERCARD Credit cards or PayPal. These are linked to our payment gateways managed by Pay Fast.

    What if I need a refund?

    We do not provide any cash refunds for any courses. However, if you have not started any course or have only completed less than 5% of the course and have paid for the course, you can ask for a token exchange for a new course. In order to qualify for an exchange, please submit an email request to eLearning@wwise.co.za.