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    Certificate Approved by WWISE
    Course Duration
    6 Weeks
    12 months access

    Course Summary

    This course will help you harness the power of social media, whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing manager, co-ordinator or an aspiring social media manager. It aims to give you an in-depth understanding of several social media platforms, and the online marketing tools, segmentation capabilities and metrics they offer. You’ll learn how to effectively reach and communicate with your customers using social media, the importance of engagement with a brand and how-to set-up campaigns that people will be buzzing about for a long time to come. Best of all, this practical course will equip you with the skills to set-up and manage your own social media accounts, helping you become a socialite extraordinaire.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Social Media Planner
    • Social Media Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Small Business Owner

    Course Objectives

    • This course includes a detailed introduction to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. As a marketer you will need to identify which of these, and others are the most suited to your business. You also need to understand some key terms used in social media marketing such as the difference between organic and paid reach and the different types of social media available such as paid, owned, earned and shared media.
    • You will learn about ways to plan, implement and measure your campaigns using results like reach, impressions, fans and followers, page views, mentions, and share of voice.
    • You will also come to understand concepts like click-through rates, cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand, conversion rate, cost per conversion and return on ad spend, as well as how to calculate each of them.
    • You will learn how good content supports Search Engine Optimisation

    Course Modules

    • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
      • Introduction to Social Media
      • The Value of Social Media and the Importance of Content
      • Introduction to Social Media Channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok)
    • Planning, Measuring and Integrating Social Media Campaigns
      • Planning for Social Media Campaigns
      • Measuring Social Media Activities
      • Understanding Paid vs. Organic Traffic
      • Integrating Your Online and Offline Customer Journey
    • Social Media Page Set Up and Copywriting
      • Setting up Social Pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
      • Copywriting basics
      • Copywriting for social media
    • Building Customer Loyalty, Planning and Creating Social Content
      • Using social media to improve customer loyalty and advocacy
      • Content planning
      • Basic design with Canva
      • Creating social content


    • Understanding terms ‘social media’, including organic and paid-media and their benefits
    • How to effectively engage with the social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
    • How social media can support other forms of digital media
    • How to harness the business value of social media and use it to increase traffic to company websites
    • Set up, navigate, extract data analytics and manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
    • Content strategy and the different types of content that can be used in social media activities
    • How to create a content marketing plan
    • How to effectively engage with users through a range of social media channels
    • The relevance that SEO, landing pages and micro-sites play in social media
    • How to use insights gained from social media listening and monitoring platforms to increase social media engagement
    • How to map customer touchpoints and journeys
    • How to create a customer engagement plan
    • The types of paid-media advertising available on social media and use it effectively
    • How to automate social media posts
    • How to integrate online and offline media channels


    • Certificate of Successful Completion from the IMM Graduate School – On completion of your short course, you’ll be awarded a certificate that’s approved by the IMM Graduate School and our respective partners, recognising the skills and key competencies you’ve developed along the way. This certificate can be used to document your commitment to continuing professional development in your personal portfolio (including your LinkedIn profile or CV), or to provide evidence to employers or other professional bodies of your achievement. Moreover, you’ll be better equipped to face workplace challenges, enhance your professional performance and, thereby, boost your career.
    • Certificate & International Accreditation from CILT UK- On successful moderation of your assessment by CILT in the UK, you will receive a further Certificate of Successful Completion and get international accreditation.