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    Other Courses: Strategic Brand Management

    Certificate Approved by WWISE
    Course Duration
    12 Weeks
    12 months access

    Course Summary

    Every course is broken down into bite-size chunks – manageable modules that will help you assimilate and apply your knowledge in record time. Our courses are pointed for the current market, simple and sharp like the tip of an HB pencil. You’ll be able to study online from anywhere in the world, in your own space, at your own pace, guided by our industry experts. With our practical and business-relevant material, you’ll be given hands-on tools to help you deal with real-world scenarios.

    Who Should Attend?

    • If you are working in the branding, marketing or the marketing communications field or are the owner or manager of a small business, then this course is for you.
    • Those currently unemployed and looking for a practical way to upskill and gain employment in the above fields, including university graduates and school leavers.

    Course Objectives

    • In a marketplace saturated with products and services to suit every taste and every consumer, from a chic young urbanite who knows what he wants to an aunty who won’t budge in her brand loyalty, your brand needs an identity strong enough to stand out from the crowd.
    • Strategic Brand Management adds value to an organisation’s products or services by creating a unique identity in the marketplace. This signature identity, or “brand stamp” if you like, allows a company to differentiate itself from its competitors and communicate its message and positioning in a consistent, integrated way.
    • With this short course, you’ll learn how to make your brand stand out in an arena where everyone is jostling for attention. You’ll explore Aaker’s brand identity model, be given practical tools to create a distinct identity for your brand and successfully position your brand in a relevant, meaningful and dynamic manner. You’ll also get an in-depth look at the brand identity development process and brand positioning, brand architecture and the creation of the customer brand experience, consumer behaviour and its influences, and the competitive advantage of strong brands

    Course Modules

    • The Concept and Process of Strategic Brand Management
    • The Concept of Brand Equity
    • The Brand Identity Development Process and Brand Positioning
    • The Three Brand Components of identity, Image and Personality
    • The Growth Strategies of Established Brands
    • The Importance and Function of Brand Architecture
    • Brands Adaptation in Foreign Markets
    • Brand Acquisition and Divestiture
    • The Application of Product Brand Components to Nation Brands and Personal Brands


    • Increases visibility of your brand.
    • Develops lasting relationships with your audience.
    • Improves brand awareness and recognition.
    • Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects.
    • Helps you to build authority and credibility.
    • Positions your business as an expert in your industry.


    • Certificate of Successful Completion from the IMM Graduate School – On completion of your short course, you’ll be awarded a certificate that’s approved by the IMM Graduate School and our respective partners, recognising the skills and key competencies you’ve developed along the way. This certificate can be used to document your commitment to continuing professional development in your personal portfolio (including your LinkedIn profile or CV), or to provide evidence to employers or other professional bodies of your achievement. Moreover, you’ll be better equipped to face workplace challenges, enhance your professional performance and, thereby, boost your career.
    • Certificate & International Accreditation from CILT UK- On successful moderation of your assessment by CILT in the UK, you will receive a further Certificate of Successful Completion and get international accreditation.