Solution to ISO Auditing Toolkits for Your Management Systems


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    When your organisation requires professional ISO Auditing Toolkits to prepare your Management Systems for external auditing, WWISE e-Learning is your solution. We offer a wholistic selection of toolkits that covers most of the ISO Standards that are applied in modern-day businesses. These toolkits are specifically curated to accommodate crucial regulations and requirements when seeking ISO certification. In this article, we discuss the value of an ISO Auditing Toolkit and the benefits of following these toolkits in preparation for external audits.

    What Does the Toolkit Include?

    When purchasing an ISO Auditing Toolkit from WWISE e-Learning, you have 2 options – 1 that includes a tutorial video and 1 without the tutorial. If it is your 1st time using such a toolkit, we highly recommend that you purchase the option that includes the video tutorial. Our ISO Management System Toolkits consist of ready-made documents that can be leveraged and utilised to ensure that all requirements of a corresponding ISO Standard are met during the development phase of a formal ISO Management System. As a result, your Management System’s development and implementation phases can be performed more efficiently.

    Our ISO Auditing Toolkits include audit preparedness procedures, auditing checklists, audit report templates, non-conformance and corrective action report templates, management review minute templates and agendas, and a legal requirements template to give you a comprehensive approach for what to expect from an external audit. It should be mentioned that the purchase of such a toolkit does not guarantee ISO certification. However, it can greatly increase your chances of a successful external audit when seeking certification.

    Internal Auditing Online Training Courses

    WWISE e-Learning offers short courses on Internal Auditing for various ISO Standards and their corresponding Management Systems. These courses usually cover 3 days and are specifically designed for people who are involved with various tasks and operations surrounding Management Systems in their organisations. Our e-Learning platform also offers Awareness courses on various ISO Standards that are ideal for people who seek a better understanding on specific ISO Standards. Coupled with WWISE’s ISO Consulting solutions, you can rest assured that we have you covered when it comes to ISO solutions for your organisation.

    WWISE e-Learning is your answer to professional ISO Auditing Toolkits that can be applied to your ISO Management Systems. Feel free to browse our website for more information on our available toolkits and contact us to enquire about our ISO Consulting services today. Optimise your Management Systems with WWISE e-Learning on your side.