Why Choose Us - Our facilitators boast a 100% certification record


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    Why Choose Us


    Our facilitators boast a 100% certification record.

    WWISE offers you industry experts to help answer your questions. Our team consists of engineers, business consultants and auditors with years of experience in ISO conformance, as well as service provision to the manufacturing and service sectors.

    All Individuals learn and absorb information in different ways and at different speeds. WWISE’s e-Learning courses provide a versatile and flexible learning system that enables organisations and learners alike to tailor their training to fit with their own specific environments.

    Virtual Training

    All delegates can learn from the comfort of your own home as well as on your own pace and capabilities. We provide high-end effectiveness with streamlined and interactive learning solutions.

    Customised Support

    We are able to engage delegates with customised and relevant solutions that apply to all industries. WWISE ensures enhanced lesson plans with quick delivery.

    Consistent Delivery

    Consistency of each course ensures that all learners receive the same type of training our eLearning platform. Our courses are tailor made to your ISO needs with constant support.


    Our e-learning courses allow you to see your industry in our case studies allows you the opportunity to grasp the knowledge.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Each course is paperless meaning it has less impact on the environment and more convenient to your learning and convenience.

    Relevant to all Industries

    Our training boasts the adaptability to transfer the knowledge to any field and industry and remain relevant to you.


    We provide constant support for all your needs and assistance throughout your journey with our courses. We are constantly available to assist you with any difficulty you may have.

    Expert Knowledge

    We have a wide variety of expert facilitators to ensure that you grasp important knowledge and understand our courses.