ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Heath and Safety Management


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    ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Heath and Safety Management System Implementation Templates



    Health and safety measures are integral. It is essential to demonstrate your ability to implement effective, proactive, preventative, and protective measures when it comes to occupational health and safety. Using multiple approaches to ensure focussed results, these templates assist with the achievement of objectives, legal requirements and continual improvement of performance. The multiple benefits of utilising templates for ISO 45001:2018 include risk reduction, significantly improved control, sustainability, management involvement and responsibility and an increased focus on employee health and safety. With risk reduction and proactive responses these templates allow your company to exceed expectations while reducing the stress and frustration associated with the need to interpret clauses and expectations – these templates offer a unique advantage by being adaptable to your company’s size and industry allowing you to take full advantage while cultivating a competitive edge.



    • Written in International English.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 / 2011 / 2013 / 2016.
    • Fully editable professional templates MS Word or Excel files.
    • Clear, concise, easy-to-follow content that meets the requirements of the standard and provides long-term relevance and value.
    • Written in a manner that makes the requirements of the standard easy to understand and implement in-house.
    • Files available immediately for download.
    • Developed for ease of use.

    Email Support

    • Prompt email assistance from ISO Experts to clarify templates usage.
    • Guidance and expert review of documentation.
    • Dedicated Consultant is available to discuss issue resolution and provide professional direction.

    Templates Contents

    • 126 documents consisting of Presentations, Policies, Plans, Procedures, Registers, Forms and Templates.
    • Includes a full set of mandatory and non-mandatory documentation based on the ISO 45001:2018 Standard, complete with instructions and guidance to assist you.
    • Throughout each section and document, you will find concise instructions to complete and customise your documentation to ensure it is personalised to your company. (NOTE: Green text are examples only. Red text are guidelines that require to be replaced with the correct information.)


    Every business needs to be built on a successful Management System. We have facilitated various businesses to achieve certification for a range of Standards through our expert ability to provide support and direction. Our ISO Experts have spent many years perfecting and streamlining templates to ensure implementation processes and demonstrate the effective operation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

    These templates work with any existing Management Systems and present an effective, simple and fully covered approach to compliance, simplifying the implementation process. Designed to save time and effort these templates contain effective tools to ensure your company can implement them in-house, with practised guidance and support.


    1. List of Documents
    1. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Implementation Guide
    2. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Implementation Plan
    1. Templates – Process Flow
    2. Templates – Policy
    3. Templates – Procedure
    4. Templates – Form and Templates
    1. List of Legal, Regulatory, Contractual and Other Requirements
    2. List of Internal and External Issues
    3. Registry of Interested Parties OHS Complaints
    4. Organizational Structure Instructions
    5. Strategic Plan
    6. Context of the Organisation Procedure
    7. List of Interested Parties
    8. Overall Process Sequence and Interaction
    1. Leadership Procedure
    2. Health and Safety Policy
    3. OHS Letter of Appointment
    4. Meeting Minutes Template
    1. Risk Assessment and Treatment Methodology
    2. Health and Safety Risk Assessment
    3. Hazard Identification Process Worksheet
    4. List of Objectives
    5. Objectives, Targets and Programme
    6. OH&S Planning Procedure
    7. OH&S Risk Management Planning
    1. Resources Management Procedure
    2. Competency and Training Procedure
    4. Chief Executive Officer Resolution Letter
    5. Construction Health and Safety Officer Appointment
    6. Construction Supervisor Appointment
    7. Construction Vehicle Mobile Plant Inspector Appointment
    8. Electrical Machinery Inspector Appointment
    9. Emergency Evacuation Coordinator Appointment
    10. Fall Protection Planner Appointment
    11. Fire Fighting Equipment Inspector Appointment
    12. Fire Team Member Appointment
    13. First Aider Appointment
    14. Hand tools Inspector Appointment
    15. HCS Coordinator Appointment
    16. Incident Investigator Appointment
    17. Health and Safety Representative Appointment
    18. Ladder Inspection Appointment
    19. Machinery Supervisor Appointment
    20. Lifting Machinery Operator Appointment
    21. Management Representative Appointment
    22. Principal Contractor Appointment
    23. Risk Assessor Appointment
    24. Scaffold Appointment
    25. Scaffold Supervisor Appointment
    26. Section 16.2 Appointment
    27. Stacking and Storage Supervisor Appointment
    28. Subcontractor Appointment
    30. Avoiding Heat Stress
    31. Cell Phones
    32. Check your Following Distance
    33. Common Safety Mistakes
    34. Communication
    35. Defensive Driving
    36. Emergency Preparedness
    37. Ergonomic Safety
    38. General Safety Rules
    39. Heat Stress
    40. Housekeeping
    41. Pinch Points
    42. PPE Checklist
    43. Preventing Occupational Illness
    44. Properly Conducted Accident Investigations
    45. Risk Assessment Awareness Training
    46. Training Matrix
    47. Health and Safety Induction Manual
    48. Visitors Health and Safety Induction
    50. Communication Procedure
    51. Control of Documents and Records Procedure
    52. Document Change Request (Master Index)
    1. Contractors and Suppliers Evaluation Form
    2. Register of Complaints about Suppliers and Contractors
    3. Daily Safety Task Assessment
    4. Personal Protective Equipment Issue
    5. Portable Electrical Equipment
    6. PPE Issue and Receiving Register
    7. Contract Daily Activities Report
    8. Hygiene Facility Inspection - Ablution
    9. Portable Electrical Equipment Register
    10. Routine Maintenance Schedule
    11. First Aid Box Content
    12. Visible Felt Leadership
    13. Chemical List
    14. Management of Change Form
    15. Ergonomic Survey
    16. Fire Fighting Equipment Inspection Form
    17. Hygiene Inspection Kitchen-Canteen
    18. Office Inspection
    19. Representative Checklist
    20. Infrastructure Inspection Checklist
    21. Ladder Register
    22. Routine Maintenance Schedule
    23. Chemical List
    24. Control of External Providers Procedure
    25. Operational Planning and Control Procedure
    26. Health and Safety Plans
    27. Fall Protection Plan
    28. Emergency Procedure
    29. Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure
    1. Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation Procedure
    2. Control of Monitoring and Measurement of Resources
    3. Evaluation of Compliance Procedure
    4. Internal Audit Procedure
    5. Internal Audit Plan
    6. Internal Audit Report
    7. ISO 45001 Clause Questionnaire
    8. Internal Audit Programme or Schedule
    9. Management Review Procedure
    10. Management Review Meeting Agenda
    11. Management Review Meeting Minutes
    12. Opening and Closing Meeting Register - Audits
    1. Non-Conformance and Corrective Action Procedure
    2. NCR and CAR Report
    3. Non-Conformance Index
    4. Incident Reporting Procedure
    5. Flash Notification
    6. Incident Analysis
    7. Incident Reporting Form
    8. Near Miss Report
    9. Injury and Diseases Register
    10. Improvement Procedure