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    Other Courses: Root Cause Analysis

    Certificate Approved by WWISE
    Course Duration
    28 Hours
    12 months access

    Course Summary

    Root Cause Analysis is a form of logic. There are various forms of this logic that need to be understood and practiced as there are different types of problems, which will be better solved by one or other of these forms of logic, otherwise known as techniques.

    Who Should Attend?

    This is a serious Workshop and is for Delegates who will drive root cause analysis in their company, assist in problem solving and decision making and pro-active management of processes to prevent occurrence of non-conformities.

    Course Objectives

    This Workshop consists of two parts; theory and team practice. The theory will be in the form of presenting what root cause is and is not and the various approaches that can be used and those that should not be used.

    Course Modules

    • What is Root Cause Analysis?
    • The Three Causes of Problems.
    • Which Analysis Techniques is best?
    • Conducting the Root Cause Analysis.
    • Root Cause Analysis – The Steps!
    • Root Cause by 5 Whys – Various Exercises.
    • 3 Basic Concepts of Effective Empowerment.
    • Barriers to RCA Solutions & Implementation.
    • Change Analysis.
    • Barrier Analysis.
    • Events & Casual Effects.
    • Tree Diagrams.
    • Root Cause Codes.
    • Root Cause Question Lists.
    • Typical RCA Questions.


    Delegates will be well equipped to use these techniques at work and solve problems by selecting the most appropriate technique. This will eventuate in meaningful corrective and preventive action and the pre-empting of problems.

    Through team participation Delegates will be empowered to solve many different types of problems of the organization that they work for; the more Delegates use these tools the more experience they gain and the more benefit the company will derive from their learning’s. For companies certified to ISO 9001 et al, these tools will also be beneficial in continuous improvement initiatives.


    All delegates who successfully pass the assessment over 60% will be issued with a certificate of competence. If you receive lower than 60% a certificate of attendance will be issued.


    An Assessment at the end of the course will be required. A minimum of 60% is to be achieved to attain a Competence Certificate. If you achieve lower than 60% but get between 40 – 59% a second attempt will become available. If you get lower than 40% and fail the second attempt you will need to re-purchase the course. An attendance certificate is awarded to you regardless of a pass or fail.