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    Cyber Security: Password security

    Certificate Approved by WWISE
    Course Duration
    128:30 Minutes
    12 months access

    Course Summary

    Our interactive Password Security module shows learners how to create complex, but easy-to-remember, passwords following best practices for password creation. This module will summarize the best practices associated with creating and managing strong passwords, how to safely store passwords and what to do if you suspect that a password has been compromised.

    Who Should Attend?

    Individuals in the every industry such as healthcare workers, managers, educators, manufacturing industry, government, military and executives

    Course Objectives

    The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of physical security protection. This includes an understanding of common physical security measures, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in physical security.

    Course Modules

    1. Need to Know: Password Security 
    2. Password Security 
    3. Password Security Brief 
    4. Password Security for Executives 
    5. Password Security for Managers 
    6. Password Security for Healthcare Professionals and Providers 
    7. Password Security for Healthcare Executives 
    8. Password Security for Healthcare Managers 
    9. Password Security for Financial Institutions 
    10. Password Security for Educators 
    11. Data Security 
    12. Introduction to Account Takeover Attacks (ATO) 
    13. Securing Privileged Access 
    14. Creating Strong Passwords (Video) 
    15. Secure Password Storage (Video) 
    16. How Much Is Too Much? (Password Security) 
    17. Better Together (Two Factor Authentication) 


    • Employees will help prevent security breaches and reduce attack risks
    • Mobile security-savvy employees create a security-conscious office culture
    • Training reduces the burden on it and information security departments
    • Mobile security training for employees is one of the best ways to ensure your corporation is safe and secure from devastating attacks


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