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    Cyber Security: Physical security

    Certificate Approved by WWISE
    Course Duration
    214:40 Minutes
    12 months access

    Course Summary

    The Physical Security Training Program (PSTP) is an introductory physical security training program designed to provide baseline knowledge of physical security systems and procedures as defined by the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) guidelines. The PSTP includes conceptual security considerations, vulnerabilities assessments, and familiarization with hardware and procedures.

    Who Should Attend?

    Software developers, information security professionals, incident responders, computer security researchers, corporate investigators and others who need to understand how physical security operates and the processes involved in performing security analysis.

    Course Objectives

    • The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of physical security protection. This includes an understanding of common physical security measures, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in physical security.
    • The course will provide the student with enough detail to understand the role of physical security in our world and in our lives. It will also demonstrate the possibilities of a rewarding and challenging career for those who decide to become physical security specialists. There are many physical security specialists at all levels throughout the business world, with responsibilities and work pressures commensurate with rewards.
    • The Purpose of Physical Security Protection is to be that part of a converged set of security and resilience measures focused on the protection of people, facilities, assets and data by the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include barriers, guarding, alarms, access control, CCTV and security furniture.

    Course Modules

    1. Need to Know: Physical Security
    2. Physical Security
    3. Physical Security Brief
    4. Data Destruction
    5. Data Retention
    6. Creating a Cyber Secure Home
    7. WORKed Episode 7: Laptop Down
    8. WORKed Episode 8: Eagle Eye
    9. WORKed Episode 9: Tailgating
    10. Physical Security for Executives
    11. Physical Security for Managers
    12. Physical Security and PHI
    13. Physical Security and PHI for Healthcare Executives
    14. Physical Security and PHI for Healthcare Managers
    15. Physical Security for Financial Institutions
    16. Physical Security And Student Records
    17. Complying with NIST 800-171
    18. Introduction to NIST 800-171
    19. CJIS Policy: Dissemination & Destruction
    20. CJIS Policy: Physical Security
    21. FAR Code of Conduct
    22. Introduction to DFARS
    23. Protecting CUI
    24. Introduction to C-TPAT
    25. Managing Hardware Assets
    26. Incident Response
    27. IoT Security
    28. Loose Lips Sink Ships (Physical Security)
    29. One Person’s Trash… (Dumpster Diving)
    30. A Few Extra Seconds (Lock Screens)
    31. Dumpster Diving (Video)
    32. Tailgating (Video)
    33. Shoulder Surfing (Video)
    34. Locked Down (Lock Screens)
    35. Data Backup And Recovery (Video)


    • Protects Against Theft
    • Helps Maintain Preparedness
    • Know how to safeguard any vulnerable device and protect the portables
    • Secure the backups in a safe place where access is not easily gained
    • Strong setup may stay adamant and lowers the loss of the majority of assets, data, and equipment


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