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    With cyberattacks on the rise, implementing and maintaining an ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is essential for any organisation collecting personal data. In the online landscape it can seem almost impossible to stay on top of offensive cybersecurity tactics, but with an ISMS system, the organisation can safeguard information and ensure legal compliance with their government and international bodies.

    What is ISO 27001:2022 certification?

    ISO 27001:2022 is an internationally recognised standard that provides a framework that ensures an organisation can establish, implement, maintain, and improve an Information Security Management System (ISMS). With ISO 27001:2022 training, you will be able to establish, implement and maintain an ISMS in your organisation.

    Benefits of ISO 27001:2022 certification

    When an organisation conforms to the ISO 27001:2022 standard they have implemented a system that ensures they evaluate the risks associated with the data they are collecting from customers.

    Some of the overall benefits an organisation will receive includes but are not limited to:

    • Resilience to cyber attacks
    • Centrally managed framework to ensure all secure information is stored together.
    • Ensure that assets including financial statements, intellectual property, employee data and information entrusted by third parties remain undamaged, confidential, and available as needed.
    • Systems that ensure your organisation is prepared for threats.
    • Data integrity, availability, and confidence through secure storage of data
    • Organisation wide protection against threats
    • Saving costs on attacks and data leaks
    • Data security across the organisation
    • an ISMS seamlessly integrates with any other ISO management system to enhance the benefits an organisation will receive.

    All organisations can benefit from an ISMS, being certified in ISO 27001:2022 can help you stand out in the job market by being able to provide a specialised skills and abilities in cybersecurity.

    Have any questions about how certification can help you progress in your career or how you can help support your organisation? Give us a call on 086 109 9473 or send us an email to to speak to one of our ISMS consultants today.

    ISO 27001:2022 certification roadmap

    When it comes to pursuing ISO 27001:2022 training, there are four steps along the way, however every step has its own value and can support you in diverse ways throughout your career and your organisation.

    Every training course end with a formal exam which ensures that you gained the required skills and knowledge of every level on which you will be training.

    The ISO 27001:2022 Awareness training

    The first training for ISO 27001:2022 is the awareness course. This course takes you from knowing little to nothing about the standard to understanding the foundation, clauses and processes involved in establishing an ISMS.

    We recommend starting with the awareness training to ensure that you have a good grasp on the language used and expectations if you do decide to become an implementor or SAATCA registered lead auditor.

    The ISO 27001:2022 Internal Auditor training

    If you do choose to become an ISO 27001:2022 auditor your next step will be the internal auditor training, which will teach you the skills and knowledge to perform internal ISMS audits within your organisation.

    This training ensures that you will be able to ensure that all ISO 27001:2022 clauses and requirements are being met within your organisation. Being able to provide internal audits will help your organisation save costs and help you stand out in your team.

    The ISO 27001:2022 Lead Implementer training

    With the implementation training you will be able to help your organisation implement and maintain an information security management system. You will be trained to help the organisation stay compliant with local and international data requirements, saving the organisation time, costs, and unnecessary fines. The lead implementer course is also a prerequisite for the Lead Auditor course.

    Although it is recommended to first start with the in-depth awareness training, our implementer training will take you through the basics and foundational touch points of an ISMS. The implementation training is only applicable if you are interested in establishing, implementing, and maintaining an ISMS for an organisation.

    The ISO 27001:2022 Lead Auditor training

    If you decide to become an SAATCA registered lead auditor, you would have needed to complete the awareness , internal auditing, lead implementer and lead auditor training to ensure you have all the knowledge and skills required to pass your exams. Our Lead Auditor training is a 5 day in-person course conducted in a classroom with direct access to one of our expert facilitators.

    Our lead auditor training ensures that you will be able to perform an Information Security Management System audit on 2nd and 3rd parties. Training will be based on practical exercises, and you will be able to master various auditing techniques and become competent to manage an entire audit program, audit team, communication with customers, and conflict resolution.

    Take a look at our ISO 27001:2022 eLearning courses today. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right one for you give us a call on 086 109 9473 and speak to one of our ISO 27001:2022 consultants today.

    The career scope of ISO 27001:2022 certification

    ISO 27001:2022 is the most well-known international cybersecurity standard the standard’s popularity comes from the systematic method for handling confidential and sensitive information. Many organisations seek employees that have done ISO 27001:2022 training and can implement and maintain an IMSM.

    The following is a list of job roles that will benefit the most from obtaining ISO 27001:2022 certification:

    Cybersecurity auditor

    Once hidden career path in the cybersecurity space is the Cybersecurity Auditor. As an auditor you will be auditing your own organisation internally or providing third party audits for various organisations.

    Cybersecurity Auditors are responsible for the planning and execution of security audits. You will also assess the efficacy and effectiveness of cybersecurity defences, analyse security controls, and offer recommendations to improve the ISMS.

    Security architecture

    As a Security Architect you will be designing, planning, and overseeing the execution of the organisation’s cybersecurity solutions. You could potentially be involved with penetration testing, risk analysis, vulnerability testing, and security assessments on the entire infrastructure of your organisation to uncover vulnerabilities.

    Security consultant

    As a Security Consultant, you will be working directly with organisations to design, enhance, and develop solutions to secure their digital assets and personal security against internal and external attacks and data theft.

    Information security manager

    As an Information Security Manager, you will be responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of security policies across an organisation. You will be focused on securing the organisation’s networks, databases, and IT systems against cyber threats and security breaches.

    Information security analyst

    As an Information Security analyst, you will be focused on providing the best security solutions and safeguarding the organisation’s data. You will mostly be implementing cyberattack mitigation strategies. Expect to gather information, conduct research, and create secure data methods.

    ISO 27001:2022 lead auditor

    As an ISO Lead Auditor, your responsibility will be auditing the organisation’s information security management system using widely recognized auditing standards, processes, principles, and methodologies.

    Although you will only become qualified a Lead Auditor if you have been an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 consultant. Our training will be able to take you from a beginner with little knowledge to being able to pursue a career as a consultant and all the way to a Lead Auditor in ISO 27001:2022.

    Do your ISO 27001:2022 training with WWISE.

    Receiving ISO 27001:2022 training through WWISE, will enable you to learn the skills and knowledge to establish, implement and maintain an ISMS in an organisation. Your WWISE certificate will show your employer and potential employers your dedication to expanding your knowledge base and to learn new skills.

    If you are interested in starting or progressing in a cybersecurity career, doing ISO 27001:2022 training will set you apart. We offer both in-person and eLearning training that makes your training available at any time you need it.

    Browse our range of ISO 27001:2022 courses and choose the best training for you today. If you have any questions reach out to our experts at or give us a call on 086 109 9473 today.