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    Bribery can significantly damage any organisation and is a misconduct within the workplace and can lead to significant fines and corruption. This is why the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) that supports organisations to avoid, catch and root out any bribery.

    Bribery is a global issue that creates significant impact within organisations including employee morale, social impact, and cash flow issues. The most alarming part of bribery is that most people do not consider it a crime that has become socially accepted in some circles.

    The True Danger of Bribes

    The true danger of bribery in the workplace is not just morale issues or the principal but the effect it will have on the perception of the organisation by clients, customers, employees, and the overall public. Other commercial organisations will be wary and unlikely to do business with organisations who have a damaged reputation from bribery.

    At the end of the day bribery directly breaks public trust and attracts the wrong type of attention and clients while also opening up the organisation to hefty legal fines. Apart from the loss of finances, the damage to overall morale will affect employee productivity which can create further losses in profits.

    What is an ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System?

    ISO 37001:2016 is the international standard which provides the requirements for organisations to establish an Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS). The standard also provides a framework for organisations to prevent, detect, and root out bribery.

    The standard provides various controls to support organisations to mitigate bribery risks and comply with relevant local and international laws and regulations.

    Fight Corruption and Bribery with Training for Your Staff

    ISO 37001:2016 can significantly support your organisation in mitigating bribery because its framework emphasises due diligence and establishing safeguards in place to avoid bribery in the supply chain.

    An Anti-Bribery Management System ensures transparency around anti-bribery procedures and ethical principles. Providing training for your staff ensures that everyone does their part in ensuring bribery is avoided and that stakeholders are updated on the organisation’s stance against bribery.

    ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Awareness

    Our ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Awareness training is an introductory course for any staff member involved in the development, implementation, and management of an Anti-Bribery Management System.

    The course ensures your delegate understands:

    • The historical background of ISO 37001:2016
    • The basic framework and structure of an ABMS based on the ISO 37001:2016 standard.
    • How to identify corruption and bribery risks which are relevant for your organisation.
    • How to effectively design and implement anti-bribery policies and processes.

    ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Internal Auditing

    Our ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Internal Auditing course is applicable for everyone who is or will be in charge of coordinating anti-bribery management system internal audit activities. This eLearning course not only focuses on the knowledge but ensures that everyone receives the skills they need to implement an internal audit.

    By the end of the course, your delegate will be able to:

    • How to plan and execute an internal audit to verify conformity with the ISO 37001 standard.
    • Develop auditing skills and boost anti-bribery knowledge.
    • Explain the principles of auditing; and the principles of auditing to ISO 37001:2016.
    • Prepare and distribute the audit report.
    • Initiate, prepare and conduct the audit activities.
    • Complete the internal audit.
    • Perform audit follow-up activities.

    How Investing in ISO 37001:2016 Training Supports Your Organisation

    Investing in ISO 37001:2016 training for your staff and establishing an ABMS can significantly support your organisation in ensuring no bribery or corruption is present across your organisation. Providing your staff, customers, clients, and suppliers with the reassurance that your business practices are aligned with local and international laws and regulations.

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