Information Security during Lockdown - Occupational Health and Safety


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    eLearning offers numerous benefits, acting as an addition or support to regular classroom training. eLearning does not intend to replace traditional classroom teaching, but to enhance and support certain aspects and improve the overall quality of teaching.

    WWISE offers eLearning courses on ISO Management Systems, as well as different health and safety training programmes. One of the many benefits on the WWISE eLearning platform, is the option to directly speak to a qualified WWISE consultant with the required expertise to answer all your questions.   Some of the eLearning courses that are available are ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management systems), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and Information security that is covered in ISO 27001/2 which allows delegates to understand the fundamental principles on these standards.  These eLearning courses are designed to allow delegates the relevant skills and knowledge to assess and report on the conformance of a management system and effectively implement management systems.

    These eLearning courses will guide you on the development of a Quality Management system and improve on client satisfaction, as well as how to implement and maintain an Environmental Management System. It intended for individuals from organisations that are required to understand the requirements of ISO 45001 to ensure the health and safety of their employees and their clients.

    The ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems eLearning course provides delegates with an overview of the different standards, its similarities and differences, as well as the requirements. These eLearning courses provide organisations with a model for understanding, establishing, managing and improving their occupational health and safety hazards and risks. The standard reflects current organisational health and safety concerns, including the increasing awareness of safety of employees and interested parties by implementing controls to manage the prevention of injuries and fatalities. The system is also designed to be easily adaptable and more effective, while being simpler to implement and assess. The health and safety eLearning courses can help you improve your organisations safety records and workforce productivity.

    The increasing threats and data breaches are becoming a regular occurrence and to protect your organisation’s private information and systems are important.  Organisations across all industries mandatorily need to train their employees on information security.

    The ISO 27001 Information Security eLearning course will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of information security.  The purpose of this eLearning course is to give you the necessary guidelines and documents to implement an Information Security system and to conduct internal audits on an organisation’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which will contribute to the organisation’s continual improvement.

    Our interactive e-learning provides an engaging and highly effective way of training. By using a combination of videos, text, voice over and interactive tests WWISE can deliver a highly powerful eLearning training tool to your company, or to you as an individual.