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    ISO 19011:2018 is the internationally recognised standard for Auditing Management Systems (AMS). Common management systems include:

    An AMS is applicable to all organisations that are required to perform internal or external audits of management systems or are responsible for managing an in-house auditing programme.

    How Does an Internal Auditor Support Your Organisation?

    An internal auditor on staff helps the organisation accomplish long-term objectives by ensuring a systematic, disciplined approach to improving management systems that have been implemented and certified.

    An internal auditor assists upper management and stakeholders by:

    • Identifying and prioritising risks through systematic risk assessments.
    • Assessing the tone and risk management culture of the organisation.
    • Evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of management policies.

    Training for Establishing an Audit Management System

    By investing in training to understand, provide, and implement an audit management system for your organisation, you will be able to provide proof of your competence and the competence of your auditing team.

    Competence is also aimed at skills such as your auditing methods, the understanding and application of the processed, risk-oriented approaches in the audit, and the type and degree of risks and opportunities. Our training not only focuses on giving you the knowledge but actually ensuring you have the skills.

    The Core of ISO 19011:2018 AMS Training

    The core of AMS training is to ensure you are able to maintain and improve existing management systems within your organisation. The planning, execution, and follow-up of audits are to be reviewed regularly to ensure the management systems stay aligned to their standards, amendments, regulatory, and legal requirements.

    ISO 19011:2018 provides guidance on auditing a management system, auditing principles, managing, and conducting an audit programme, and assessing the competencies of those who are part of the auditing process.

    ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems Awareness

    ISO 19011:2018 Auditing Management Systems Awareness Training ensures that you have an understanding of the standard, basic skills, and knowledge of how to perform internal audits and maintain your organisation’s management systems.

    We are also able to provide in-person ISO 19011:2018 Auditing Management Systems Internal Auditing and Implementation Training by request.

    Trust and Expertise When it Comes to Your Management Systems

    Apart from providing top-of-class internal and external audits at WWISE, we also provide your staff with the training to ensure your management systems stay aligned to international standards and that you are able to maintain your ISO certification.

    If you or your staff require any information or training, contact our ISO 19011:2018 experts on 012 644 0142 or email us at