ISO Internal Audit Training Courses for Your Organisation in 2023


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    When your organisation needs experts on ISO Internal Audit Training in 2023, WWISE e-Learning is your solution! WWISE e-Learning is a digital platform that features various online training courses to give organisations a competitive edge in their industries by putting the focus on relevant ISO Standards. This platform also features Internal Audit Training courses on specific ISO Standards to allow delegates to perform internal audits on associated Management Systems.

    Quality Management Internal Audit Training

    The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard is one of the most popular choices regarding Management Systems for organisations, as it serves as a prerequisite to enter various markets around the world. WWISE e-Learning’s Quality Management Internal Audit Training course is designed for anyone involved in auditing, maintaining, and/or supervising a Quality Management System (QMS) within their own organisation.

    Delegates will be educated to perform internal and supplier audits and deliver a comprehensive report on their findings. This report is evaluated and changes are implemented with the next maintenance cycle. Delegates who pass this course are issued with a certificate of competence. If a delegate fails the course, they are issued with a certificate of attendance.

    Information Security Internal Audit Training

    Information Security plays a pivotal role in today’s digital age – where organisations utilise digital assets that include digital databases and digital document storage solutions. The primary purpose of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is to prepare an organisation against any potential cyber threats and avoid any data leaks that could have legal implications, especially when it comes to handling personal and private information about their employees and customers.

    WWISE e-Learning’s Information Security Internal Audit Training course can be attended by people who are interested in learning the essentials of auditing an ISMS and are tasked with performing internal and supplier audits for their organisation. This course involves an assessment at the end of the training – where delegates are required to achieve a minimum of 60% to receive a certificate of competence. Otherwise, they will receive a certificate of attendance to reflect that they have attended the course.

    2023 can be the most successful year to date with WWISE e-Learning working to the benefit of your organisation. Feel free to browse our digital platform for details on our available Internal Audit Training courses that include prices and course outcomes. WWISE can also assist with the development and implementation of various Management Systems for your organisation, as well as perform ISO audits. Please contact us directly with any enquiries about our e-Learning courses today!