ISO 20000-1:2018 Information Technology Management System


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    ISO 20000-1:2018 Information Technology Management System Implementation Templates



    These state-of the-art templates enable your company to utilize robust and effective processes to improve effectively managed IT solutions. The multiple benefits of utilising templates for ISO 20000-1:2018 include significantly improved control over aspects of your business which revolve around service to customers and result in an increasingly resilient supply chain system. Through utilization of these templates, your company will see the benefit of reviewing processes at regular intervals to identify opportunities for improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction. As the service industry demands top quality, performance, and a consistent and reliable service – the management of your service lifecycle and value delivery will improve through detailed planning, design, transition, and distribution. Alleviating your administrative burden and frustration regarding often difficult to interpret clauses and expectations – these templates offer a unique competitive advantage by being adaptable to your company’s size and industry. Regardless of internal or external service provided support your company represents – these templates allow you to take full advantage of the framework to provide consistent and reliable service.



    • Written in English.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 / 2011 / 2013 / 2016.
    • Professional templates MS Word or Excel files that are fully editable.
    • Clear, concise, easy-to-follow content that meets the requirements of the standard and provide long-term relevance and value.
    • Written in a manner that makes the requirements of the standard easy to understand and implement in-house.
    • Files available immediately for download.

    Email Support

    • ISO Experts ready to clarify templates usage through prompt email assistance.
    • Guidance and expert review of documentation.
    • Dedicated Consultant available to discuss issue resolution and provides professional direction.

    Templates Contents

    • 142 documents consisting of Presentations, Policies, Plans, Procedures, Registers, Forms and Templates.
    • Includes a full set of mandatory and non-mandatory documentation based on the ISO 20000-1:2018 Standard, complete with instructions and guidance to assist you.
    • Throughout each section and document, you will find concise instructions to complete and customise your documentation to ensure it is personalised to your company. (NOTE: Green text are examples only. Red text are guidelines that require to be replaced with the correct information.)


    Building a Management System from the ground is a daunting and daring task – yet it is the cornerstone of every successful certification process. We have assisted various organizations to achieve certification to a range of Standards – showcasing our expert ability to provide direction and support. Our WWISE ISO Experts have spent many years perfecting, streamlining, and updating our templates to ensure your company can implement ISO 20000-1:2018 in-house, with practiced guidance and support.

    These templates are formulated to integrate seamlessly with any existing Management Systems – and present a simple, effective, and fully-covered approach to compliance. These templates contain effective tools to simplify the implementation process and demonstrate the effective operation of your Service Management System.

    Designed to save time and effort in the preparation and processing of the Standard by providing fully-fledged documentation – simply providing the assistance of a Consultant, without their presence!


    1. List of Documents
    1. ISO 20000-1:2018 Service Management System Implementation Guide
    2. ISO 20000-1:2018 Service Management System Implementation Plan
    1. Templates – Process Flow
    2. Templates – Policy
    3. Templates – Procedure
    4. Templates – Form and Templates
    1. Strategic Plan
    2. List of Internal and External Documents
    3. List of Interested Parties
    4. Overall Process Sequence and Interaction
    1. Service Management System Presentation
    2. Organisational Chart
    3. Service Management System Diagram
    4. Service Management Policy
    5. Service Requirements
    6. Executive Support Letter
    7. Service Management Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
    8. Top Management Communication Programme
    9. Meeting Minutes Template
    1. Risk Assessment and Treatment Tool
    2. Service Management Plan
    3. Opportunity Assessment Tool
    4. List of Objectives
    5. Risk Assessment and Treatment Process
    6. Risk Assessment Process
    7. Risk Assessment Report
    8. Risk Assessment Plan
    1. Skills and Training Needs Assessment
    2. Example of Staff Skills and Training Needs Assessment
    3. SMS Infographic
    4. SMS Documentation Log
    5. Meeting Minutes Template
    6. Skills Development Survey
    7. Skills Development Survey Response Analysis
    8. ISO 20000 Benefits Presentation
    9. ISO 20000 Introduction Presentation
    10. Document Control Process
    11. Procedure for the Control of Documented Information
    1. Configuration Management Process Diagram
    2. Control of Parties Process Diagram
    3. Service Catalogue Management Process Diagram
    4. Process for Control of Parties Involved in the Service Lifecycle
    5. Service Catalogue
    6. Configuration Management Policy
    7. Configuration Management Process
    8. Configuration Management Procedure
    9. Definitive Media Library Catalogue
    10. Configuration Management Presentation
    11. Service Catalogue Management Process
    12. Business Relationship Management Policy
    13. Business Relationship Management Plan
    14. Service Complaints Procedure
    15. User Satisfaction Survey Report
    16. Business Relationship Management Presentation
    17. Service Level Management Policy
    18. SLA Structure Diagram
    19. Service Level Management Process
    20. Service Level Agreement
    21. Operation Level Agreement
    22. IT Service Card
    23. Service Level Management Presentation
    24. Supplier Management Policy
    25. Supplier Management Process
    26. Supplier and Contracts Database
    27. Supplier Management Presentation
    28. User Satisfaction Survey
    29. User Satisfaction Survey Report
    30. Budgeting and Accounting for Services Policy
    31. Budgeting and Accounting for Services Process
    32. Service Costing Model
    33. Budgeting and Accounting for Services Presentation
    34. Capacity Management Policy
    35. Capacity Management Process
    36. Capacity Plan
    37. Capacity Management Presentation
    38. Change Management Policy
    39. Change Management Process
    40. Change Management Presentation
    41. Design and Transition of New or Changed Services Process
    42. Business Case
    43. Project Initiation Document
    44. Service Requirements Specification
    45. Service Design Specification
    46. Project Post Implementation Review
    47. Design and Transition Presentation
    48. Release and Deployment Management Policy
    49. Release and Deployment Management Process
    50. Release and Deployment Plan
    51. Software Catalogue
    52. Release and Deployment Management Presentation
    53. Change Request Form
    54. Service Acceptance Checklist
    55. Project RAID Log
    56. Project Progress Report
    57. Incident Management Policy
    58. Incident Management Process
    59. Major Incident Management Process
    60. Service Request Management Policy
    61. Service Request Management Process
    62. Incident and Service Request Management Presentation
    63. Problem Management Policy
    64. Problem Management Process
    65. Problem Management Presentation
    66. Incident Model
    67. Request Model
    68. Major Incident Report
    69. Problem Dashboard
    70. Major Problem Report
    71. Service Continuity and Availability Management Policy
    72. Business Impact Analysis Process
    73. Service Continuity Plan
    74. Service Continuity Test Plan
    75. Service Continuity Test Report
    76. Availability Management Plan
    77. Backup Policy
    78. Incident Response Procedure
    79. Service Continuity and Availability Management Presentation
    80. Information Security Policy
    81. Information Security Summary Card
    82. Information Security Management Presentation
    83. External Organization Information Security Agreement
    84. User Access Management Process
    85. Data Centre Access Procedure
    86. Business Impact Analysis Tool
    87. Post Incident Report
    88. Personal Commitment Statement
    1. Process for Monitoring, Measurement Analysis and Evaluation
    2. Procedure for Service Management Audits
    3. Service Management System Audit Plan
    4. Internal Audit Report
    5. Service Management System Review Spreadsheet
    6. Service Management Review Meeting Agenda
    7. Service Reporting Policy
    8. Service Report
    9. Internal Audit Action Plan
    10. Internal Audit Checklist
    11. Internal Audit Schedule
    1. Procedure for Continual Service Improvement
    2. Service Improvement Plan
    3. Procedure for the Management of Nonconformity
    4. Nonconformity and Corrective Action Log