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    Does your organisation need a solution for ISO Management System Auditing? WWISE e-Learning offers ready-made ISO Auditing Toolkits, along with ISO Internal Audit Training courses, to give your organisation the means to conduct comprehensive audits on various Management Systems.

    What Do I Get When I Buy an ISO Auditing Toolkit?

    WWISE e-Learning’s ISO Auditing Toolkits consist of ready-made documents that can assure that the relevant Management System meets the specific requirements of its relevant ISO Standard. These documents are especially useful during the development phase of a formal Management System and can be applied during the auditing phase of a formal Management System. Please note that the purchase of these documents does not guarantee ISO Certification but can put you on the right course toward ISO Conformance.

    WWISE e-Learning offers 2 options when buying ISO Auditing Toolkits. The first option includes all the necessary documents, while the second option also includes an instruction video to guide you through the documents and necessary processes to ensure that your organisation’s Management System(s) is aligned with its relevant ISO Standard. Although the second option is a bit more expensive, it is recommended for organisations that have not performed any internal audits before or are in the process of developing a Management System.

    Auditing Toolkits consist of:

    • Audit Preparedness Procedures
    • Auditing Checklists
    • Audit Report Templates
    • Corrective Action and Non-Conformance Report Templates
    • Management Review Agenda and Minute Templates
    • Legal Requirements Templates

    Utilising WWISE e-Learning for ISO Auditing Solutions

    WWISE e-Learning’s digital platform can serve as a valuable online resource for your organisation. With our comprehensive selection of ISO Auditing Toolkits, you have checklists and templates that can be used during the auditing and development phases of a relevant Management System. Moreover, WWISE e-Learning offers Internal Auditing courses to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform internal and supplier audits on specific Management Systems.

    By combining these 2 elements, your organisation can capitalise on expert training and documentation to ensure that your Management System(s) adheres to the framework of the relevant ISO Standard and work towards ISO Certification. WWISE can also assist with ISO Consulting to guide your organisation throughout the development and implementation process of a Management System and give you expert advice on how to optimise and maintain your Management System as your business grows and evolves.

    WWISE e-Learning is your first choice when you need ISO Auditing Toolkits and online training courses in 2023. Please browse our platform for details on our available toolkits and training courses, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any enquiries on how WWISE can assist your business.