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    When your organisation needs Energy Management solutions, WWISE is your answer! Our e-Learning portal provides a selection of ISO 50001:2018 training courses that can assist your business in understanding the requirements and controls of an Energy Management System (EMS) that is based on the framework provided by the ISO 50001:2018 Standard. The world of energy consumption and generation is heading in a direction of cleaner and more efficient methods to reduce carbon emissions and energy wastage. With WWISE on your side, your organisation can do the same.

    How Can EMS Training and Courses Benefit My Organisation?

    By utilising more sustainable energy consumption practices throughout your business processes and operations, you can enjoy the benefit of more cost-effective energy solutions that adhere to the ISO 50001:2018 Standard with WWISE e-Learning’s selection of online training courses. These courses can serve as online resources to understand the requirements of an EMS and how your organisation can implement, audit, and maintain an EMS to serve your specific business needs. WWISE can also provide EMS development and consulting to assist your organisation throughout such endeavours – ultimately allowing your business to seek ISO certification.

    Energy Management System Awareness

    WWISE e-Learning’s ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System Awareness Course is designed for anyone who is involved in the various aspects of energy consumption and/or generation within their organisation. This course delivers a level of understanding and awareness regarding an EMS and the various objectives of efficient Energy Management solutions. Delegates who successfully complete this course will have an understanding of how an EMS can be utilised to reduce costs, improve operating performance, extend equipment lifecycles, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

    Energy Management System Internal Auditing

    An ISO 50001:2018 EMS requires consistent maintenance to identify areas of improvement and implement solutions accordingly. Such a process begins with an internal audit, which brings us to our EMS internal auditing course. This course is designed for individuals who are tasked with monitoring the efficiency of their organisation’s EMS and wish to conduct internal audits on an EMS in accordance with the ISO 50001:2018 Standard. Delegates will be able to understand and establish systems and processes that are necessary to improve the performance and efficiency of energy consumption and costs.

    WWISE e-Learning is your solution to online ISO 50001:2018 training and courses. WWISE can also assist your organisation with the development and implementation of an EMS. Please browse our website for details on our available EMS-related courses and contact us today with any enquiries.