Online ISO/IEC 20 000-1 ITIL Courses and Training


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    Information Technology plays a crucial role in successful businesses in the modern era. With the introduction of the internet to the professional workplace, various opportunities have presented themselves to assist with more efficient communication, storage, and word processing activities that would otherwise have been a challenge to incorporate. When your business needs a solution to online ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 ITIL Courses and Training, WWISE e-Learning is your comprehensive answer! Today, we discuss a few of our course options and what you can expect from these courses.

    ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 Information Technology Service Management and ITIL Awareness

    This short course spans over 1 day and puts the focus on aligning IT services to the specific needs of a business. It also refers to the ITIL, which is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library – published as a series of 5 core volumes that cover different IT Service Management lifecycle stages. The ITIL collaborates with the ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 Standard to deliver a competent and comprehensive solution to IT Service Management for organisations of any size and operating in any industry.

    This course is designed for both IT service providers and employees to gain a basic understanding of both the ITIL and the ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 Standard – and be able to identify the small differences between the 2 and adopt the most effective approach for their business. This course also requires the completion of an assessment at the end of the course, in which delegates must score 60% or higher to be awarded with a certificate of competence. In case a delegate scores between 40% and 59%, they will be given the opportunity to retake the assessment to achieve a better score.

    ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 Information Technology Service Management Internal Auditing

    Our selection of ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 Courses and Training includes the Internal Auditing course that is designed for people who require a solid understanding of this specific ISO Standard and its functions within the workplace. This course teaches delegates the importance of products and services that are required in the IT world to cut out unnecessary costs and become efficient IT service providers by aligning their services with the ITIL best practice framework. This course spans over 3 days and delegates will have 12 months of access to the course materials.

    When your business needs a solution to online ISO/IEC 20 000-1:2018 ITIL courses and training, WWISE e-Learning is your first choice. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available courses and please contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist your business in 2023.