Gundo Mukwevho, Author at WWise ISO e-Learning


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    Why you should implement ISO 14001:2015 into your organisation

    What is ISO 14001:2015? The ISO 14000 family comprises of various international standards that complement ISO 14001:2015. These include the following ISO 14004:2016 which provides guidance on the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of an...

    Why ISO 14001:2015 eLearning is a brilliant idea

    In 1996, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) standard was implemented and published. Since its publication, more than 300 000 organisations worldwide have implemented it. So far 171 countries have been ISO 14001:2015 certified. The increasing...

    You cannot predict the next crisis, but you can be prepared for it!

    Cyber-attacks, IT failures, natural disasters, pandemics or the loss of skilled staff are only some of the business disruptions that can have an impact on organisations of any size and in any location. Every organisation needs to develop a Business Continuity Plan to...