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    When your organisation needs to perform internal audits on your ISO Management Systems, WWISE e-Learning offers a comprehensive solution. Our range of ISO Auditing Toolkits delivers an all-encompassing selection that covers a wide range of ISO Standards for their corresponding Management Systems. We also offer Internal Auditing online training courses to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to accurately perform internal audits on corresponding Management Systems. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect when buying ISO Auditing Toolkits and how you can use these toolkits to the advantage of your organisation during audits.

    What Do I Get When Buying an ISO Auditing Toolkit?

    WWISE e-Learning offers 2 purchase options regarding our ISO Auditing Toolkits: Option 1 only includes the toolkit and documentation; and Option 2 includes an instruction video. It is highly recommended to purchase Option 2 if it is your organisation’s first time using our toolkits. Otherwise, feel free to purchase Option 1. WWISE’s ISO Management System toolkits consist of ready-made documentation that can be utilised accordingly to ensure that your Management Systems are aligned with their corresponding ISO Standards. These toolkits can also be utilised to develop a formal Management System.

    WWISE e-Learning’s ISO Auditing Toolkits include Audit Preparedness Procedures; Auditing Checklists; Audit Report Templates; Non-Conformance and Corrective Action Report Templates; a Management Review Minute Template and Agenda; and a Legal Requirements Template. It is important to note that the purchase of our ready-made toolkits does not guarantee ISO Certification, but merely acts as templates on which you can develop and audit a corresponding Management System. WWISE can also assist with ISO Consulting solutions when it comes to the development, maintenance, and auditing of ISO Management Systems.

    ISO Auditing Toolkits and Internal Auditing Online Training Courses

    To complement our wide selection of ISO Auditing Toolkits, WWISE e-Learning offers various Internal Auditing online training courses to give delegates the skills, knowledge, and tools to perform professional and effective internal audits on corresponding Management Systems. This 1-2 punch combination of toolkits and online training courses will give your organisation a competitive edge over your competition. It will also put your organisation in a position to seek ISO Certification.

    WWISE e-Learning is your comprehensive solution with ISO Auditing Toolkits and Internal Auditing training courses for your organisation. For more info, feel free to peruse our website to browse our range of available toolkits and training courses that your organisation is interested in. Take control of your Management Systems with WWISE e-Learning in your corner.