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    Is your organisation considering the development and implementation of a formal Management System that is built on a relevant ISO Standard? WWISE e-Learning is your all-encompassing solution to various online training courses and ISO Auditing toolkits! Both can be extremely useful in your organisation’s endeavours to develop and implement a Management System that is based on the framework provided by a relevant ISO Standard. Although it does not guarantee ISO certification, our ready-made ISO Auditing Toolkits will set you on the right path toward certification.

    How Can an ISO Auditing Toolkit Help My Organisation?

    The ISO Toolkits offer these 2 options when buying ISO Auditing Toolkits – one that includes a tutorial video alongside the documentation; and one that only includes the documentation. The primary function of our ISO Auditing Toolkits is to provide ready-made documentation that can be utilised to ensure that the necessary requirements of the relevant ISO Standard are met during the development and/or auditing of a formal ISO Management System. Our Toolkits include Audit Preparedness Procedures; Auditing Checklists; Audit Report Templates; Non-Conformance and Corrective Action Report Templates; Management Review Minute Templates and Agenda; and a Legal Requirements Template.

    ISO Auditing Toolkits can assist your organisation throughout various processes that involve Management System development, implementation, auditing, and adapting to suit the specific needs of your business. Alongside our e-Learning training courses, people who oversee or are responsible for Management System maintenance, can utilise these toolkits accordingly for better and more accurate findings and reports on internal or supplier audits.

    WWISE also offers professional ISO Consultants to assist your business with the processes – delivering expert advice and consultation towards Management System implementation and auditing, as well as preparation for ISO Certification. In the end, WWISE offers a comprehensive approach to ISO solutions that fit with the requirements of any organisation.

    Additional Resources

    WWISE e-Learning delivers additional resources for organisations that consider ISO Management Systems. Our range of ISO online training courses include Awareness, Auditing, Lead Implementer, and Lead Auditor courses that cater to various delegates in your organisation and give them a solid understanding of the specific requirements that are involved with every individual relevant ISO Standard. Synergising with our ISO Auditing Toolkits, your organisation will be well on your way to developing and implementing a formal Management System – with the necessary knowledge, tools, and documentation at your fingertips.

    WWISE e-Learning is your first choice when it comes to ISO Auditing Toolkits and online ISO training courses for your organisation! Please browse our website for details and prices on our available toolkits and courses and contact us directly if you have any enquiries.