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Weʼre Giving Away an ISO 50001 Handbook, Quality in Project Management and Quality Costing Video

    Now more than ever, companies around the country are starting to mass produce face mask and hand sanitisers to keep up with the demand from consumers. Consumers need the reassuarnce that these businesses are producing products of high quality.

    For many orgnisations, the idea of quality is a grey area. We belive that quality should not be a bonus to a product or service, it should be regarded as part of the production process. ISO 9001:2015 is the most common ISO Standard  worldwide. It’s worthy to note that ISO 9001:2015 is not a standard aimed at defining product quality but rather a processbased standard used to monitor and control product processes to meet the required results.

    While the obvious perception is that ISO is perfect for big businesses, think again! ISO could be the solution we are all looking for to stimulate and grow the South African economy. “While we acknowledge the role that ISO plays in big businesses globally, there appears to be a misperception that ISO is not relevant to small and medium businesses. When in fact the requirements are meant for all organisations, irrespective of size,” says Muhammad Ali.

    ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems specifies that good management practises are required to produce quality. ISO states that “The use of product and service standards, quality management system standards and quality improvement approaches are all means of improving your customers’ satisfaction and the competitiveness of your organisation.”

    With the current circumstances that we are living in, educating yourself on Quality Management Systems is crucial to ensure that your organisation is in good standing with business practises. The implementation and adoption of ISO 9001 in your business would ensures an improvement in overall performance.

    Our e-learning course on ISO 9001 ensure that you are well-equipped with the knowledge to enforce a Quality Management System in your organisation. Registering with our courses helps in setting up the quality management system and integrating it with existing management systems for compliance with relevant ISO standards.

    By registering for our courses, you are knowledgeable on how to effectively implement a Quality Management System to ensure the process in your organisation follow best practise.

    Apart from improving your knowledge of ISO Management Systems, we provide you with practical ways of obtaining knowledge with case studies that make it more relatable. You will learn and understand the importance of using a Quality Management System as a guideline not to change and restructure your organization, but to improve it.

    Register online today for our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System e-learning courses to use this time to learn more and improve the world around you. Contact us on admin@wwise.co.za today to reap the benefits of our e-learning.