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    When it comes to risk management in the workplace, having an ISO 31000:2018 framework that works for your organisation is key. With an ISO 31000:2018 risk management system for your organisation, you can rest assured that all risks are systematically identified, treated, and monitored.

    This is why at WWISE we offer comprehensive ISO risk management training that directly impacts the long-term success of your organisation. Our ISO 31000:2018 training program ensures delegates can understand all ISO 31000:2018 guidelines and implement a reliable risk management framework.

    What Is Risk Management?

    The risk management system includes identifying and prioritising internal and external risks of your organisation. After identifying them, delegates will be able to develop enterprise risk management systems for dealing with and potentially avoiding certain risks altogether.

    Risk Management Systems for Current Business Environments

    In today’s fast-paced and increasingly complex business environment, it is more important than ever for your organisation to have an operational risk management plan. Having members in your organisation capable of identifying financial, compliance, operational, strategic, or reputational risks is crucial. Developing and maintaining an enterprise risk management system prevents insecurities among employees and stakeholders.

    Why Is the ISO 31000:2018 Framework Important?

    ISO 31000:2018 is an international standard that provides frameworks and guidelines for effective risk management. The risk management framework is especially important for organisations in regulated industries such as energy, finance, healthcare, project management and engineering firms.

    Implementing the risk management system can help an organisation:

    • Have a full understanding of all potential risks.
    • Embed risk management into strategic decision making.
    • Increase operational productivity and resources.
    • Approach potential risks proactively.
    • Increase stakeholder confidence.

    Investing in conformance and risk management courses is a proactive way to ensure conformance with ISO regulations and ensure you are aware of all risks that can impact your organisation.

    Our Comprehensive ISO 31000:2018 Online Risk Management Courses

    Our online risk management system training courses provide all the required skills and knowledge to assess, implement and improve an organisations risk management system.

    Our engaging step-by-step approach ensures that after training is complete, your delegates can:

    • Conduct a base-line review of your organisation’s current position.
    • Implement the key principles of an risk management system.
    • Create all necessary documentation.
    • Develop appropriate risk management system strategies.
    • Consistently improve production and resource management.

    ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Systems Awareness Course

    Our ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Systems Awareness Course is our comprehensive foundational risk management course. The focus is on establishing working knowledge of risk management system guidelines and risk assessments.

    What You Can Expect to Learn

    Our Risk Management Awareness course provides the knowledge and skills needed for delegates to conduct in-depth risk assessments internally and externally of your organisation using the ISO 31000:2018 guidelines. Allowing you to establish controls and align any management system you have previously implemented with risk assessments.

    Internal Auditing and Lead Implementor Training is Available

    Although the foundational awareness training for ISO 31000:2018 is available, we also offer both internal auditing and lead implementor training for ISO 31000:2018. However, the top levels of our ISO enterprise risk management training are only available by request.

    If you require either the internal auditing or lead implementer courses, reach out to one of our ISO implementation specialists today.

    The WWISE Training Hub

    At WWISE, we offer various risk management courses on our website. We train delegates in-person and online on diverse topics including:

    Browse through our accredited courses and choose the best one for your organisation today.

    Ready to learn and implement the ISO 31000:2018 risk management process? Reach out today or call us at 086 109 9473 and speak to one of our ISO specialists today.